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What We Do

Pin-Point Ad Serving Accuracy at Any Scale + Protection of Your Advertising Investment with Click Fraud Prevention and Bot Detection

Accuserve is an industry-leading third-party ad server and programmatic marketplace with extraordinary capabilities for advertisers, ad agencies, and publishers.

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Whether your campaigns are simple or complex, across a single site or multiple global ad networks, we can help deliver outstanding results.

The Accuserve ad network offers a unique specialty not only in providing the industry's largest audience reach, but in delivering solid, third-party verified results you can count on.

The Accuserve Ad Network specializes in reaching an audience that is highly engaged in the content they seek. That high degree of affinity translates into a high rate of response to our advertisers' messaging.

We offer unparalleled access, reach, and segmentation. We're also compatible with virtually any third-party server, including Google Doubleclick, Atlas, Google, MS Network, Yahoo!, and virtually all rich media formats.

Accuserve offers our advertisers:

  • Vast, yet specialized reach to an audience of hundreds-of-millions of users
  • Geographical segmentation, with a specialty in U.S.-only, as well as international traffic
  • Contextual Targeting
  • Behavioral Targeting
  • Programmatic Cost-Effective Campaigns
  • In-Content Messaging
  • Rich Media
  • Video
  • Banners
  • Automated and Personalized Campaign Optimization
  • Third-Party Independent Verification of Campaign Results
  • Bot Detection and Click Fraud Prevention

Independently Verified Click Fraud Prevention and Bot Detection

Click fraud is an unfortunate reality of the Internet advertising industry, which is increasingly worrying advertisers, ad agencies, and publishers.

With click fraud, ill-intentioned people, and computer-generated scripts imitate legitimate users by generating clicks on ads. In some cases, the purpose is to cause a fraudulent charge for Pay-Per-Click campaigns and, in some cases, the automated scripts may be “bots” carrying out various online tasks, like cataloguing the sites they “spider,” with clicks.

Regardless of the source of the clicks, clicks by people and bots who do not have a legitimate interest in the ads can cause advertisers widespread problems that range from illegitimate charges for their Cost-Per-Click campaigns, to calling into question the effectiveness of their entire campaign.

Some of the Internet’s largest advertising networks like Google, and publishers like the New York Times estimate the rate of click fraud to be 10-50%. In our experience, we’ve found that rate to be even higher.

But, we can help.

Based on 15 years of experience serving hundreds of millions of online ad impressions, with both CPM and CPC models, from every major ad network in the U.S., we’ve developed an advanced method of detecting and blocking bots.

Protect your campaign from click fraud, with Accuserve’s industry-leading technologies.

Find out more about our services, or request a proposal from Accuserve for your current or next campaign:

Third-Party Ad Server
Serve large-scale campaigns with precision targeting capabilities through premium, branded sites, or across the world's largest business networks and social media.
Precision Ad Targeting
Reach your target audience with pin-point precision, based on real-time contextual and behavioral analysis.
Click Fraud Detection
Solve one of the biggest problems in Internet advertising, with our bot detection and fraud prevention technology.
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